Kitoflokk™ Chitosan

Our Premium standard Kitoflokk™ Chitosan is our technical grade Chitosan for a wide range of industrial applications, where top purity and refined properties are not needed. Traditional application is water- and wastewater treatment, but it is shown that KitoFlokk™ is a good allrounder.

Within water treatment KitoFlokk™ works as a precipitant, generally causing more stability and control in water plants. Using KitoFlokk™ instead of traditional precipitants will remove all metallic compounds from the drinking water, reduce mud production by 50 % and reduce CO2 emissions and energy and water consumption. The mud is now a biological product and can be used as soil fertilizer in agriculture. KitoFlokk™ is used in the same way as other precipitant, but in a more environmentally friendly way.


Packing: Standard bags of 10 kg or 100-400 kg. Labeling according to your specifications.

Particle size: Our standard KitoFlokk™ has a particle size of 80 mesh, but we can adapt the size to meet your requirements.

Samples: Minimum delivery of 10 kg.


Quick reference:

Charge density – Medium;
Molecular weight – Low;
Ash content < 3%.

Detailed characteristics may be found in Certificates of Analysis:


KitoFlokkTM High Density,


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