Our products are given different properties depending on the production conditions. This enable us to provide you with a product adapted to your needs. Although, to keep costs down, we have standardized in only a couple of widely used products.

Since our minimum delivery is bags of 10 kg, we kindly ask our customers who wish samples of our products to respect this issue.

Packing and labeling are according to your specification. Due to our speciality in Chitosan and Alginate for technical applications, our products are standard delivered in bags of 10 kg or in big-bags of 100-400 kg.

Particle size: Our standard products have a particle size of 80 mesh, but we can adapt the size to meet your requirements. Finer particles dissolve quickly, but will dust. Coarser particles will dust less, but need more time to dissolve. Choose a particle size that fits your equipment access best.


On the following pages, you will find a short presentation of our main products. Contact us for a quicker guidance towards the product for you.