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Norwegian Chitosan has previously been merged with and sold to other companies,
and has now become a brand in Teta vannrensing AS (Teta water treatment AS).


Norwegian Chitosan AS is a norwegian company established in 2005. We work with environmentally friendly Chitosan and Alginate, natural polymers proved to have high potential in various fields. Our speciality is the use of Chitosan and Alginate for technical purposes, for example in industrial water treatment, but we also sypply other kinds of applications.

Norwegian Chitosan has gained much experience working with these polymers. Industrial research is an important part of the company strategy. We have collaborated with national and international partners and participated in projects with several research institutes.

Our products are a result of many years of research, and we can assure you the same product quality every time! We are one of the best and most stable suppliers of high-quality Chitosan in the world.

We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and to assist in choosing and developing the right product that would fit best to the desired requirements.